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Interior AND Exterior

Provide a home improvement service that focuses primarily on professionalism and earning an outstanding reputation.
Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind knowing that the job will get done with integrity and on time.
Quality service at affordable prices! we are committed to sharing this experience with as many homeowners as possible!

Howdy San Antonio!

Art Vandelay Painting proudly offers high-quality residential & commercial painting for all local residents. Conveniently located in San Antonio, Texas and serving all of Bexar County. 

We specialize in Professional Interior AND Exterior Painting Projects. 


Our Services

We gladly offer free estimates for painting projects, as well as expert advice on paint color options, finishes, and special effects. From the top of your home to the very base, our services have you covered, as far as painting projects are concerned. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, then please contact Premium Painting today! We look forward to meeting you anytime!
Interior painting services

Interior Painting

Interior painting preserves and beautifies! Hiring Art Vandelay Painting to paint the interior of your home is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to liven up your living space. We offer a free painting consultation to provide you with great painting services.

Exterior Painting

At Art Vandelay Painting, we use top of the line paint to protect your home from the cracking, peeling, and other detrimental wear and tear that occurs from old paint and humidity over time. We are thorough, fast, and pay close attention to detail. Only professional experienced painters will be working on your house to ensure that we deliver you a quality job.


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Finance Your Projects Through Hearth!

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Our Team

Experience The Difference 

If you have a paint project that needs to be completed by a group of dedicated, hardworking, and attentive professionals, then Art Vandelay Painting is a company that you should investigate. We have worked diligently during the past few years, in order to build a solid reputation among our previous customers, and we would like to meet you anytime you are ready!
Professional Painters
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Join our team!


Prep Is Key

Our preparation game is taken extra serious! For starters, we do not use the usual stinky tarp 🤢, which will typically will hold dust, hair, fur and who knows what else from the previous job. We make sure to cover all areas of our project floors with builders construction paper, along with self adhesive plastic for your carpeted rooms. This allows all areas to be completely protected, therefore giving our team the freedom to roam freely and do our magic! We only use the highest grade of tape, caulk, paper, plastic, sealants and solvents for all of our Interior and Exterior projects. Period!

What's with the Name?

Image 9-23-22 at 10_edited.png
Image 9-23-22 at 10_edited.jpg


Vandelay Industries
George Costanza 
 Suspect (Accomplice) 

CASE FILE  #76233

Art Vandelay is a fictional alias made up by the comedic character George Costanza. George's character, set in the famous sitcom Seinfeld, would frequently reuse the invented name to deceive and flee from situations as well as his responsibilities.
I'm obviously a fan of show Seinfeld, which explains why I figured this would be perfect for my painting business name! I love how the name creates laughter and joy to all Seinfeld fans we come across!
But in all seriousness, do not let the name fool you for a second! Art Vandelay Painting is as serious as the soup nazi is about soup! Love this show, hate the drake! And "yada yada yada", I'm a huge fan of the show...


Let us earn your business!

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