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Step into a world of refined elegance and captivating hues. At our premier interior house painting company, we transcend ordinary walls, transforming them into masterpieces of self-expression. We bring your vision to life with a stroke of brilliance and a palette of possibilities.

Our top-rated professional house painters immerse themselves in your space, weaving dreams and colors seamlessly together. From meticulous cabinet painting to exquisite ceiling artistry, every brushstroke is a testament to our dedication to perfection. Discover the enchantment of interior residential painting in Live Oak, Boerne, New Braunfels, Alamo Heights, Helotes, TX, and the surrounding regions. Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship and creativity with our expert interior house painters.

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Our brushstrokes have delighted countless hearts, leaving a kaleidoscope of joy and beauty in our wake. Join the ranks of those who have experienced true painting excellence with Art Vandelay Painting.

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Our painting services have garnered 5-star satisfaction from our cherished customers, igniting smiles and earning trust with every stroke. Discover the artistry that leaves no room for anything less than stellar delight.

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At Art Vandelay Painting, we take pride in the more than 15 years of team experience we bring to every project. Our collective knowledge, skills, and expertise have been honed through years of dedicated service in the painting industry. Our team has a deep understanding of our craft and a commitment to staying updated with the latest techniques and trends.

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Full-service Interior house painting

Prepare for a transformation that will leave you breathless. Our full-service interior house painting encompasses every facet of artistic expression within your home. From wall to ceiling, trim to wallpaper, our team of skilled painters will curate a symphony of colors and textures that reflect your unique style. With expert precision and attention to detail, we bring harmony to each room, creating an ambiance that speaks to your soul. Let Art Vandelay Painting handle all aspects of your interior painting journey, from meticulous prep work to flawless finishes. Explore the world of interior residential painting and unlock the true potential of your living spaces.

Immerse your kitchen or bathroom in a symphony of refined elegance. Our premier cabinet painting services breathe new life into tired cabinetry, transforming them into statement pieces. With meticulous preparation and the finest spraying technique, we ensure a flawless finish that will delight and inspire. Reimagine your space with our expert interior house painters.

Painting walls are our artistic playgrounds, where colors come alive, and emotions find expression. Our skilled painters bring magic to your walls, transforming them into vibrant backdrops that define the character of your home. Let your walls tell a story of beauty and inspiration with our unparalleled wall painting services.

Elevate your space to new heights with our captivating ceiling painting services. Our skilled artisans turn the often-neglected fifth wall into a masterpiece of artistry. From delicate brushstrokes to intricate designs, we bring a touch of drama and sophistication to your living spaces, inviting your eyes to look up in awe.

Trim is an elegant frame that highlights the beauty within. Our expert painters meticulously apply their brushwork to trim elements, creating clean lines and a flawless finish. Let your space exude sophistication and attention to detail with our premier trim painting services.

Bid farewell to outdated wallpaper and embrace a fresh start. Our skilled team excels in wallpaper removal, carefully peeling away layers to reveal a pristine canvas. Prepare your walls for new design possibilities with our seamless wallpaper removal services.

Our masterful drywall repair specialists bring expertise and precision to every crevice. We restore your walls to flawless perfection, from minor blemishes to extensive damage. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks and welcome a seamless canvas for your interior house painting masterpiece.

Wood surfaces deserve a second chance to shine. Our skilled artisans breathe new life into your wood elements through expert staining techniques. Whether it’s rejuvenating a weathered handrail or enhancing the elegance of your furniture, our staining services bring out the natural beauty of the wood, leaving a lasting impression.

Bid farewell to outdated popcorn ceilings and welcome a contemporary touch. Our experts delicately remove or transform the bumpy texture, replacing it with a smooth, modern finish. Reimagine your space with our popcorn ceiling removal/knockdown services and revel in the refreshed ambiance it brings.

Our skilled team delivers meticulous sanding and carpentry services, ensuring a flawless foundation for your interior painting project. From smoothing rough surfaces to repairing damaged areas, we create the perfect canvas for your vision to come to life.

Painting windowsills are more than mere ledges; they are a canvas for creativity. Our skilled painters bring attention to detail and a pop of color to your windowsills, accentuating their architectural charm. Elevate your space with our expert windowsill painting, adding the finishing touch that completes the picture.

Full Interior House Painting

Prepare for a symphony of colors and emotions as our skilled house painters breathe life into your home’s interior. Our full interior house painting services in Live OakBoerneNew Braunfels, TX, and surrounding areas, encompass every aspect of your space, infusing each room with its unique character. From captivating wall artistry to flawless trim finishes, we transform your house into a home that reflects your personality.

Let your imagination run wild as we weave together shades and textures, creating an ambiance that invites warmth and inspiration. Experience the expertise of our professional house painters as they meticulously craft each stroke, ensuring a flawless result. Discover the transformative power of full interior residential painting and awaken the artist within.

Color Consultations

Embark on a journey of color exploration with Art Vandelay Painting‘s expert color consultations. Our team of professionals understands hues’ transformative power and ability to shape moods and spaces. We work closely with you to understand your vision and guide you through various color palettes, ensuring your choices harmonize with your interior design aspirations. Whether you seek timeless elegance or bold statements, we provide valuable insights and recommendations that elevate your space. Discover the perfect palette for your home and unleash the extraordinary potential of color with our comprehensive FREE upon request color consultations.

Best Interior House Painters

When it comes to interior residential painting, Art Vandelay Painting stands above the rest in Live OakBoerneNew BraunfelsAlamo HeightsHelotes, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our team of premier interior house painters brings together artistry and craftsmanship to create stunning transformations. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, we redefine the meaning of excellence. Trust in our expertise to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.